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NY State Increases Transfer, Mansion Taxes for NYC

Transfer Tax

New York State imposes a real estate transfer tax, for which the seller (or “grantor”) is generally responsible, on conveyances of real property in New York State. Prior to the adoption of the new legislation, a transfer tax rate of 0.4% (2 dollars for every 500 dollars of consideration) applied to all taxable conveyances of real property; this tax still applies. On top of this, pursuant to the newly adopted legislation, an additional 0.25% (for a total of 0.65%) is added for (1) conveyances of “residential real property”  for consideration of $3 million or more, and (2) conveyances of any other real property (i.e., multi unit or commercial) for consideration of $2 million or more.

For commercial transactions under $2 million and residential transactions under $3 million, the New York State transfer tax rate remains at 0.4%.

Mansion Tax

New York State also imposes a “mansion” tax on transfers of residential real property including cooperative apartments for consideration of $1 million or more. Unlike the transfer tax, the mansion tax is the responsibility of the buyer (or “grantee”). Prior to the adoption of the new legislation, the applicable mansion tax rate was 1% of the total consideration. The new legislation preserves this “original” mansion tax of 1%, and imposes an additional “progressive” mansion tax on top of it, ranging from 0.25% on transfers for $2 million or more of consideration to 2.9% on transfers for $25 million or more of consideration.

Provided below is a chart summarizing the various tax rates and the total New York State transfer and mansion tax that would be imposed on a transaction.

As noted, the grantor is generally responsible for the transfer tax, whereas the grantee is responsible for the mansion tax,  and these taxes are in addition to any other local municipality transfer taxes that may apply. Both the transfer tax and the mansion tax are payable on the “first dollar” of consideration. That is, if a sale of residential real property were for precisely $1 million, the tax would apply to the entire $1 million of consideration.

Summary Chart

Conveyances of Residential Real Property
ConveyanceTransfer TaxMansion TaxTotal Tax Rate
(paid by grantor
and grantee)
≥ $1M
but < $2M
≥ $2M 
but < $3M
≥ $3M 
but < $5M
≥ $5M 
but < $10M
≥ $10M 
but < $15M
≥ $15M 
but < $20M
≥ $20M 
but < $25M
≥ $25M0.65%3.9%4.55%
Conveyances of Commercial Real Property
ConveyanceTransfer Tax
< 2M0.4%
≥ $2M0.65%